Marketing Services

Website promotion (“SEO promotion”) is a complex of works aimed at bringing sites to the TOP of the search results for key niche queries. Organic results are sites that go out on demand outside the paid blocks marked “advertising”.

To promote the website, first conduct  the audit of the website , see where there are errors and fix them.   

2-nd step – Technical optimization inside of the website

3-rd step – External SEO Optimization  

4-th  Start a PPC campaign for faster leads ( Google or Yandex ads) 

At the same time – creating pages and profiles on Social media – where we make auto repost of the Blog posts and start a campaigns at social media 

The cost of SEO website marketing is a profitable investment, because the effect of search engine marketing will remain, even after the termination of work. And it will provide stable traffic without advertising costs.

Video Marketing - Is one of the most powerful way of the marketing.

People like to see videos and they spend most of the time by watching useful videos on the phone, on the latops, even on the TV. 

Every singe day there uploading millions of Video to Youtube and other video hostings. 

People watch video on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram , Today even Pinterest offers Video files hosts.  

Plus video people can see til the end, and remember more, than read.